TAMPA, Fla. — Did she or didn't she?

The debate over whether or not a Tampa city council aide "coughed or cursed" during a city council meeting in May is over, as far as the city's Human Resource director, Kimberly Crum, is concerned. But how did it start?

At one point during the May 23 meeting, Carrie Henriquez walked behind Councilman Luis Viera and made a noise that sounded like a cough. Some at the meeting, however, said they heard her mutter an expletive at the end.

A video of the meeting has since been viewed online nearly 200,000 times. Henriquez, wife of Hillsborough County property appraiser Bob Henriquez, categorically denied using any vulgarity while on the dais, and instead claimed she'd been targeted for some reason.

People who watched the video, however, saw and heard it differently, and they made their opinions known on social media.

On Wednesday, city officials announced their month-long investigation into the incident was complete. For a breakdown of their findings and to hear what happened during the meeting for yourself, watch the video above.