ORLANDO, Fla. — Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are expected to detain thousands of undocumented immigrants in a series of raids this Sunday, July 14.

It has undocumented immigrants in Florida concerned.

  • ICE raids anticipated Sunday, July 14
  • Groups helping undocumented immigrants learn their rights
  • Farmworkers Assoc. of Florida says seminar attendance increasing

Juana Lozana said she spends every day wondering if she’ll be deported. She’s an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, but her kids were born here.

“Being separated from my family is my biggest fear,” Lozana said. “They established a life here. They go to school here, and it’s heartbreaking to think they’ll unfairly be taken from their home.”

She said she began to go to seminars hosted by the Farmworker Association of Florida to learn what rights she has.

Yesica Ramirez, the nonprofit’s Apopka-area organizer, said the attendance has gone up since the Trump Administration announced it plans to ramp up deportation raids in 10 U.S. cities, including Miami.

“Two weeks ago, we had 70 people attend our seminar to learn their rights,” Ramirez said.

A spokesperson for the White House said they would target those with final court-ordered deportations.

Carlos Colombo, an Orlando immigration attorney for Colombo and Hurd, said the U.S. Constitution gives Lozana and other undocumented immigrants their rights — like the right to a private attorney.

“They have the rights just like an American to remain silent,” Colombo said. “They have the right to not open the door if they don’t have a warrant.”

“We used to think if an officer knocks on your door, you must open the door for them,” Lozana said.

Colombo advised undocumented immigrants to make sure the name on the warrant is theirs or belongs to someone who lives in the home.

Otherwise, they have the right to refuse entry.

“They do not have to sign any documents. We also counsel to never resist (arrest),” he said.

“I can tell you I’m more confident I’ll know what to do if I’m ever confronted by an ICE agent,” Lozana said.

Because Senate Bill 68 is now law, The Farmworker Association of Florida says it will host a seminar along with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to inform Florida’s undocumented immigrants on their rights and how to report crimes.  ​