INVERNESS, Fla. — A man seriously injured in a hit and run crash in Inverness is now back home. He and his wife are now trying to adjust to their new normal.

Jarrett Suydam can still do some things like wash the dishes, but is limited. He said he's just thankful to be home.

"It's been nice. It's been really nice to sleep in my own bed, watch my own TV, not be woken up every four hours like, 'Hey how's your blood pressure today,'" Jarrett explained.

Jarrett was walking home from work on March 10 on Washington Avenue in Inverness, not far from his home, when he was hit by a truck.

He spent three months at Ocala Regional Medical Center and finally returned home in June.

He underwent dozens of surgeries and is now confined to a wheelchair. While they're hopeful he'll be able to walk small distances around the house, he'll never be able to walk like he used to.

"I know how to do things that I can't do I mean I can't go down the rainbow river," Jarrett said.

"Mentally it does kind of break you down you're stuck in the same thing everyday," Samantha Suydam, Jarrett's wife, said.

Sixty-five-year-old Elizabeth McKee has been arrested and charged with leaving the scene of a crash with serious injuries.

But the Suydams say they don't hold any resentment toward the driver.

"I don't have any hate in my heart. I wouldn't go back and change anything even if I knew it was going to happen necessarily because you never know things always happen for a reason so although it will change my life for sure it might be in a better direction," Jarrett explained.

They're both just thankful he survived.

"He's my best friend. If I would have lost him, I don't know what I would have done," Samantha explained.

The Suydams are also thankful for the support they've received from their friends and the citrus county community.

There is a fundraising event on August 6 at Sonny’s BBQ in Inverness to help the family with ongoing medical costs.