ORLANDO, Fla. — Puerto Rico is preparing for one of the largest protests ever as the island's governor, Ricardo Rossello, refuses to resign. 

Monday is the 10th consecutive day of protests.  Officials say there could be a million people at today's protest. 

Protesters in San Juan are planning to take over one of the island's busiest highways, demanding Governor Rossello to resign.  Dozens of businesses, including the island's largest mall, Plaza de las Americas, will be closed ahead of the protests today. 

Sunday night, the embattled governor announced he would not quit, but promised not to seek re-election. 

For more than a week protesters have demonstrated in the streets, upset over an obscenity-laced leaked online chat the governor had with allies — insulting women and mocking constituents, including Hurricane Maria victims.  His administration is also facing federal corruption charges. 

"A significant sector of the population has been manifesting for days. I'm aware of the dissatisfaction and the discomfort they feel. Your right to express yourself will always be safeguarded by our Constitution. I've listened to every Puerto Rican and I listened to you today. I've made mistakes and I've apologized," Gov. Rossello said. 

The unrest in Puerto Rico comes as the island struggles to recover from Hurricane Maria and deal with 70 billion dollars in debt. 

Florida lawmakers have been critical of Rossello.  Senator Rick Scott has even tweeted that he should resign. 

Singers Ricky Martin and Olga Tanon are traveling to San Juan today to take part in the protests.