TAMPA, Fla. — Evelyn Wesel has discovered that what started out as a need to make Christmas gifts for family members while she was in recovery from alcoholism, has turned into a booming business.


Recover T is the name of her business and her business is making bracelets out of old t-shirts and metal that carry a positive message.

“Retrospectively,” Evelyn says, “ I didn’t realize how much reading positive messaging that I use for my jewelry, how much that really impacted me in my early recovery.”

Each hand made bracelet comes with a message of encouragement. Over the last four years those encouraging bracelets have made for a good business and not just in the Tampa Bay Area.

“We have stores that we wholesale to in Colorado,” she said. “We have a store in my hometown in Marietta Ohio, they just fly off the shelves there. It’s pretty cool.” 

Her business is also therapy.  Other women in recovery who are required to do some volunteer work, donate their time helping to make the bracelets.  Beverly Womack who runs Opal House Recovery Homes for women says Recover T is a godsend.

“Recover T has given our women here at Opal House a safe and secure place to get well,” Womack said.

The bracelets run between $3 and $38 each and can be made to order.  When asked why she continues to make bracelets after being 5 years sober, Evelyn simply says, “You got to give it away to keep it.”