BRADENTON, Fla. -- It's been one week since Eleuterio "Junior" Salazar announced he'll be in the running for Bradenton councilman, when dozens of screenshots from Salazar's Facebook page came back to the surface.

  • Eleuterio Salazar has apologized for inappropriate Facebook posts
  • The posts referenced sexual acts and objectified women
  • Salazar is running for Bradenton City Council

Posts, given to Spectrum Bay News 9, show Salazar objectifying women, and speaking out on sexual acts.

"We don't think about the consequences, or the potential consequences," Salazar said.

Salazar said some of the posts weren't made by him, and believes it may be a smear on his campaign.

"Even if it's private, someone can screen shot that and use it against you," social media expert and success coach Nafissa Shireen said.  

Shireen says it's very easy for users to share things that are funny to them, but don't understand the repercussions.   

"I always recommend you do a social media sweep of yourself, Google yourself and see what you have put out there," Shireen said.  

She adds, if you don't want it shared with the world, don't post it.

"I apologize, because at the end of the day, accepting ownership, and not being a coward will get you further than walking away from the situation," Salazar said.  

Since the posts resurfaced, Salazar has deleted his personal Facebook page. He says he hopes his public apology will help and educate others on the importance of what people share online.

Salazar says he will continue to run for Bradenton councilman.