HILLBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — While some students may look forward to the new school year, other kids might dread it.

  • Tutoring service helps underprivileged students
  • The Thinking Cap aims to help all kids succeed

But a local tutoring service aims to make all kids enjoy learning.

“To me, there’s no greater reward than to elevate the children’s minds, so that’s my passion, wholeheartedly,” said Jimmy Williams, owner of The Thinking Cap.

It’s called The Thinking Cap — teaching every subject, several languages, and test prep.

Williams says they are here for all students, regardless of their financial situation.

“I sit and I work with families with their financial situations so it makes sense because I don’t want to burden the family or the child for academics,” he said.

In fact, The Thinking Cap has now expanded beyond a business, working its way into various religious organizations in underprivileged neighborhoods to offer tutoring free of charge.

But right now, the volunteer work is funded by the company.

So Williams is working to create a subdivision of the company that focuses solely on students who need help but can’t afford it.

It will be called Rising Above Limitations, and he’s applied to become a non-profit.

He says he wants any student to be able to walk through the door to receive help without question.

“I think that academics is the key to success. If we focus on their academics, this is what helps eliminate the homelessness, this is what helps eliminate kids struggling, getting on drugs, and just going down the wrong path. If they just have the smarts, the intelligence to do so,” Williams said. 

Williams says Rising Above Limitations will also offer classes in mother and fatherhood and how to run a household so students are not only set up for success academically, but also in everyday life.

For more information on the services, you can visit www.thethinkingcap18.com.