LARGO, Fla. — State Rep. Chris Latvala and Sen. Darryl Rousson announced Monday, on what would’ve been Jordan Belliveau’s third birthday, that they’re confident Jordan’s Law will pass this time around.

The lawmakers also created a website,, to keep the public informed about the status of the bill. is now live and it gives information about Jordan’s death and other children like him.

There’s also a petition on the website that people can sign. Latvala is hoping people will sign to show other lawmakers just how many people support the bill and how important this is for saving the lives of children like Jordan Belliveau.

Jordan’s body was found days after police say his mother, Cherise Stinson, made up a story about his kidnapping. Stinson was later arrested and is now charged in his death.

Latvala says there were red flags that could’ve prevented Jordan’s death if there was proper communication with law enforcement and Child Protective Services.

It’s one of the many things Jordan’s Law is supposed to fix, and Latvala says he’s not stopping until the law is passed.

 “After what happened last year, I decided that I was going to leave no stone unturned, and I was going to do whatever it took to get this bill passed,” said Latvala. “Another thing I want to point out is not a single tax dollar is being used on this website.”

Latvala says a political committee is footing the bill for that website. He blames petty politics on the bill not passing last session but seems confident it will pass next session.

"If you want to play games with some of my other bills, play games. But if you play games on a child welfare bill that’s designed to protect kids lives, then I will call you out every single time," Latvala said.

Rousson expressed a similar sentiment.

"Sometimes it takes one or two sessions to get a bill through both chambers," said. "It should not have taken that last year but we’re gonna work like the dickens to make sure it gets through this year."