ORLANDO, Fla. — Wanda Vázquez Garced is now officially the governor of Puerto Rico.

Vázquez Garced was sworn in as governor Wednesday afternoon. The move comes less than a day after Pedro Pierluisi's governorship was ruled unconstitional by the island's Supreme Court and he was ordered to step down.

Pierluisi, who was picked by former governor Ricardo Rosselló to succeed him, had himself been sworn into office last week, even though the Puerto Rican Senate would not ratify his nomination.

Vázquez Garced, who until today was the island's Secretary of Justice, will hold the governorship for the remaining 17 months of Rosselló's term.

Pierluisi tenure as governor lasted less than five days. ​

Question of trust?

Lawmakers on the island greeted Vázquez's rise to the governor's office with concerns.

“One thing that worries me about her being governor is too many people have said they don’t trust her,” said Sen. Zoe Laboy.

“Everyone knows I’m not a fan of Wanda Vazquez,” Representative at Large Enrique Melendez said. “I’ve been very critical of her tenure as Secretary of Justice.”

Vázquez stated in the past she does not want the position.

Melendez and Laboy said Vazquez will nominate Jenniffer Gonzalez, the U.S. territory's representative in Congress, as secretary of state. Gonzalez would then takeover as governor if Vazquez steps down. Gonzalez would then become the island’s fourth governor in one year.

“Everyone is pretty much talking about this (including lawmakers) some people actually state it as a fact,” Melendez said.

Laboy said if Gonzalez were to be nominated as secretary of state by Vazquez, then she hopes both the House and Senate get the chance to ratify the nomination.

“For us to do our job, we need a public hearing,” she said.

Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court is made up of six members of the New Progressive Party.