HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — The man suspected of robbing a Valrico bank, then carjacking a man and killing him on Tuesday gave a full confession to investigators, according to an arrest report released on Wednesday.


James Hanson, Jr., 39, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Mathew Korattiyil, 68.

Initially, Hanson said he didn't know anything about the CenterState Bank robbery or carjacking, according to authorities.

He said friends paid him $50 to get rid of the stolen Lexus. He also claimed they told him where Korattiyil's body was located.

Hanson refused to say anything else "until he speaks to someone high up enough to make a deal with him to make the bank robbery and kidnapping 'go away,'" the report said.

An assistant state attorney met with Hanson but told him he would not be getting a deal.

Eventually, Hanson took authorities to the body, which was located at Sacred Heart Knanaya Catholic Community Center.

Once back at the Sheriff's Office, Hanson confessed.

Motives revealed

He said he robbed the bank to get money to help his sister and his girlfriend.

He said he intended to rob the bank with a fake gun, but panicked afterwards and carjacked Korattiyil.

Hanson then drove straight to the community center and parked in the back.

He told detectives Korattiyil asked him to let him go, but Hanson refused, saying "there were cops everywhere".

According to Hanson, Korattiyil then punched him and tried to run, but Hanson chased after him.

He strangled him first with his hands, then with the victim's own belt.

Hanson said he removed Korattiyil's clothes to get rid of DNA evidence and tried to hide his body in the bushes.

Afterwards, he drove the stolen car home, changed his own clothes and then left again.

Deputies tracked him using the car's GPS system, and a chase occurred, but Hanson was eventually caught.

He is being held without bond.