MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. — Many people are gearing up for the new school year with last-minute shopping, but one group in Manatee County chose to kick off the year with a parody video. 

Manatee County School's Transportation department made a spoof video to the popular "This Is How We Do It" song from Montell Jordan.  

Bus drivers and operators initially made the video to boost morale in the department. With 12 vacancies, bus drivers will now have longer routes.

"This is how we do it in Manatee County, no matter how hard the task, or the obstacles that are in our way, we always try to stay positive," says Wan Oh, assistant director of transportation. 

The video features bus driver Titinysha Holmes who has been working at the department for 18 years, and says she wrote the lyrics in one day.

"I wanted to give the lyrics some flavor," says Holmes. "I wanted to change it to what I do on a daily basis when I drive the bus."

With over 18,000 views so far, they hope the video brings a smile to everyone. 

"We had a blast doing everything, and involving everybody," says Holmes. "We are a family oriented department, and it’s just a department of love."

To watch the Youtube video, click here