TAMPA, Fla. — A company has helped the city of Tampa roll out the first set of e-scooter corrals around the city this Friday.

In fact, according to Swiftmile, it is the first scooter corral in the state of Florida. Swiftmile provides parking and charging for the scooters.

It’s an attempt to keep track of where people who rent the scooters are leaving them after their use.

Swiftmile is teaming up with Spin scooters to deploy 10 parking stations in Tampa on private property.

The companies have done this as recent as May in Washington D.C.

The e-scooter pilot program began in Tampa also in May and is running for a year.

Riders say that the scooters are quick and easy to use.

But since the inception of the program there have been problems with where the scooters are left.

Many are found in the middle of sidewalks, even parked in streets where there are not markings for a docking station.

The city of Tampa is working out the rules of the road as the pilot program progresses.

There has been one death of a scooter rider in the Tampa program.

Spin is not the only scooter provider in the pilot program.

The other participants are Bird, Jump and Lime scooters.

The city of St. Petersburg is considering introducing an e-scooter pilot program in the Fall.