VALRICO, Fla. — The man accused of killing a man after stealing his car and robbing a bank, James Hanson Jr., had his first pretrial hearing Friday.

This comes just three days after Hanson allegedly robbed the Center State Bank in Valrico, then carjacked and killed 68-year-old Matthew Korattiyil.

Korattiyil's son Melson briefly appeared in court to identify his father's belongings.

He was calm, but he glared at Hanson every time he spoke.

Those items, including a gold cross necklace and glasses, were found at Hanson's home and gathered as evidence.

Friday's hearing mostly included detectives and other law enforcement officials.

It was learned Friday that Hanson Googled "banks near me" shortly before going on the crime spree, and that Hanson used a BB gun during the robbery.

He also punched a bank employee in the face before fleeing, it was learned in court.

After more than three hours, the judge ruled that Hanson will remain in custody during this pretrial phase.

Hanson had just been released from prison after getting out of a life sentence in July. 

That was for another bank robbery — that one was in 2003.