PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — The Pasco County Sheriff's Office has launched LIFE stations across the county as part of the Stop the Bleed Campaign. 

The Stop the Bleed Campaign is a national initiative which aims to train and empower civilians to act swiftly and effectively in trauma situations. 

Citizens are trained by medical personnel who are experts in the initial stages of trauma management and are tailored to teach quick, life-saving measures that can be provided to anybody in the event of an emergency. 

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office and the Pasco County School Board began a fundraising drive last year to equip Pasco County with initially three LIFE Stations containing five trauma kits each. 

The initial cost for all of the kits were $250,000.

Thanks to the Pasco Sheriff's charities, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, and other outside sources, enough money was raised to put one LIFE Station in every high school. 

The LIFE Stations will be placed in strategic locations to be rapidly accessed in an emergency, such as an active shooter situation. 

These stations include one casualty extraction litter housed in the LIFE pack, along with other important items that can assist in saving lives, such as tourniquets and blood-clotting dressings. 

The LIFE Station container is a surface-mounted storage cabinet meant to be located in publicly-accessible areas, much like AEDs inside schools, offices, and other buildings. The LIFE Station is identical to traditional AED cabinets, but specifically designed to house a LIFE pack.