PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — One of the most high profile trials in decades starts in Pinellas County on Monday.

Jury selection is under way in the trial of Michael Drejka who is charged with manslaughter in the 2018 death of Markeis McGlockton.

A total of 89 potential jurors were questioned Monday by Judge Joseph Bulone. One of the questions jurors were asked was about if they would believe law enforcement if they took the stand. 

By lunch time, 31 of those jurors had been eliminated. Out of that large jury pool of 89 people, only about a dozen of them were minorities. Race has played a major role in this case as well as the conversation about the controversial stand your ground law.

The family of Markeis McGlockton was noticeably absent from jury selection. There were a number of people from the public sitting in, watching jury selection.

The fatal shooting stemmed from an argument over a handicap parking space and fueled a national debate over Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law.

Attorneys on both sides will have a lot to consider when selecting people because of all the controversy surrounding the case.

Drejka tried to use the "stand your ground" defense after he shot and killed McGlockton outside the Circle A Food Store in Clearwater on July 19, 2018.

McGlockton can be seen on surveillance video shoving Drejka to the ground after Drejka confronted McGlockton's girlfriend, Britany Jacobs, for parking in a handicapped spot outside the store. 

The case could be very emotional for jurors. Feelings of race, gun control, and gun rights could all be called into question, and jurors will have to determine whether Drejka's actions were justified.

"The jury should expect to see an enhanced slow-motion video plus some testimony from eyewitnesses but really the video is going to be the center part of the state's case," Spectrum Bay News 9’s legal analyst, Kevin Hayslett, said.

Six jurors will be seated for this case and four alternates. There won’t be 12 jurors in this case because this isn’t considered a capital case.

Drejka faces up to 30 years in prison if he's convicted.

The trial is expected to last two or three weeks.