PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — The Pasco County Sheriff's Office is investigating a shooting between neighbors in a Trinity community that left a man dead.

  • Incident occurred around 6:50 p.m.
  • Neighbor was mowing his lawn, responded when he heard victim screaming
  • Sheriff Nocco called neighbor who intervened a "hero"
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Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco briefed the public on the incident late Wednesday. He was unable to confirm several details about the incident to Marsy's Law, which protects the privacy of victims.

According to Nocco, around 6:50 p.m. one of the victims said they were attacked by the suspect. During the attack, the victim screamed for help and made it to a second floor bedroom window, from which they began lowering an unconfirmed number of elementary school-aged children that were in the house from the window to the ground.

Nocco said a neighbor, identified only as "Victim 2", was outside mowing his lawn when he heard the screams and came over to help. Victim 2 then helped safely bring the children to the ground as Victim 1 lowered them from the window.

Shortly thereafter, the suspect emerged from the house and confronted the neighbor. The neighbor tried to calm the suspect down, but ended up retreating back to his house.

At that time, according to Nocco, the suspect drew a handgun and fired an unconfirmed number of rounds at the neighbor. 

The neighbor, who was armed himself, fired back, striking and killing the suspect.

Nocco praised the actions of the neighbor, calling him a "hero."

No further information has been released.