DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – Stiiizy is a new cannabis dispensary opening August 24.

Stiiizy launched its first vape pen in November, 2017. Now the brand is opening its first store, a 6,500-square-foot location near the Arts District.

Stiiizy got some good news just before opening. Online cannabis advertising giant Weedmaps announced it would start requiring a state license number for all marijuana retail listings.

In other words, it will stop showing advertisements for black market pot shops.

For a brand new store it might help weed out the competition.

“We welcome any move by the players in this industry to play by the book, to play by the rules,” said Daniel Yi, a spokesman for Stiiizy.

Changing what appears on Weedmaps could have a lot of influence on the market. However, it likely won’t completely shutout competition from the black market.

“At the end of the day, it’s really enforcement. If we’re going to have regulations we need to enforce the regulations,” said Yi.

This change is supposed to happen sometime this year.

Until then, Instagram influencer and pot consumer Anjela -- also known by the handle @koala.puffss -- is doing the research herself.

“If it’s an unlicensed shop, they carry unlicensed product and if it’s an unlicensed product there’s probably a reason for that,” said Anjela.