TAMPA, Fla. — Many people’s Labor Day travel plans are being disrupted thanks to Dorian.  











If you planned on traveling, whether by plane, boat, or car, there are some things you should know.

If you planned on cruising through Labor Day weekend, be sure to check with your cruise line.  Many are changing itineraries in anticipation of Port Tampa closing.

If you planned on flying to the Caribbean, most major airlines are waiving fees to change flights if you do it within a certain time frame.  

Even hitting the roads could cause you problems.  

Will Rawald, a Pinellas County resident, said he may cancel a road trip to Southwest Florida because of Dorian.  

"We were going to drive down to visit my folks in Naples, but that’s driving down, and then back up the I-75 corridor, which even if the storm doesn’t hit by Monday,"  Rawald said. "That’s going to be backed up with all the thousands of people trying to get out of the area, so chances are we are just going to have a nice mellow weekend at home waiting for the hurricane."

If you have travel insurance, it could help you if something happens preventing you from traveling all together, like the airport closes.  

Otherwise, you would have to have purchased a policy that lets you cancel for any reason, and this point, it may be too late to purchase if you haven’t already.