CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. — Citrus County residents will have an opportunity this week to hear about a possible tax hike coming their way which, if passed, would go towards several specific improvements to Citrus County Fire Rescue.

Here's 5 things to know about the requested tax and what the county's fire chief has in mind for the funding:

  1. Citrus County Fire Rescue is requesting a $25 service tax increase and $4.50 assessment tax increase, based on a $100,000 home with no homestead exemption.
  2. Citrus County Fire Chief Craig Stevens wants to add one more firefighter to each truck, with 3 total, increasing safety in case of any truck malfunctions.
  3. Stevens also wants to create a capital improvement plan.
  4. Finally, he wants to transition to advanced life support, allowing them to start interventions on medical calls.
  5. The public hearing on the tax increase will take place at the Citrus County Commissioners meeting Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 2 p.m. 

Watch the video above to learn more.