HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — Jury selection continues Tuesday in the trial of a man accused of killing 9-year-old Felecia Williams in Tampa in 2014. 

Police say Granville Ritchie murdered Felecia Williams and placed her body in a suitcase and then left her by the Courtney Campbell Causeway. 

On Monday, attorneys questioned more than 150 potential jurors. Dozens of those potential jurors admitted in court Monday they heard of the case or remember some details from the case.

More potential jurors will be interviewed Tuesday.

The trial is expected to take about three weeks.

Felecia's family said they've waited five long years for this day, and while they realize nothing will bring Felecia back, they say justice needs to be served. 

"Felecia, she was bubbly, a sugar plum. Like I said, she took, when she stepped into a room, she owned the room. She made sure she was the center of attention," Felecia's uncle, Indu Johnson, said. 

Felecia went missing on May 16 while being watched at the Temple Terrace apartment of a family friend, Eboni Wiley. 

Wiley told police she had left the apartment that evening, leaving Felecia along with Ritchie.  When she came back, the 9-year-old was gone. 

Officials said it was five hours before Wiley reported the girl as missing. 

Wiley later told investigators Ritchie claimed Felecia had "runoff."

Johnson said he'll never forget when Felecia's mom called him and told him Felecia was missing.  

Johnson said their family immediately started searching for Felecia, and the next morning, they got a call from the police saying they found her in Clearwater. 

Police said Felecia had been sexually abused and strangled. 

Felecia's family said they've tried to stay strong, and as jury selection begins today, all they can do is hope for justice. 

"What he did was senseless, heartless, it was a vindictive thing he did. He took a life and I feel that the justice system is going to do the right thing, prosecute him — the defense attorneys and prosecutors. But at the end of the day, justice will prevail," Johnson said. 

Johnson also said there are some questions as to whether Ritchie had any help in Felecia's death, but he said that part of the case is still under investigation, so he can't say much.