LARGO, Fla. — Florida Rep. Jackie Toledo is proposing a bill that would ban flavored e-cigarettes. 

There are about 400 flavors to choose from at the Vapers Depot in Largo, but that could change if Toledo gets her way.

Store owner and Vice President of Florida Smoke Free Association, Nick Orlando, says all those flavors are a big part of the industry.

"A large majority of our people within the vapor industry, our clients choose to go with flavors as an alternative to break the chain of the tobacco smell, the tobacco tastes, so they choose that as part of their breaking that addiction," Orlando said.

The bill also calls for raising the e-cigarette purchasing age to 21. 

Supporters of the bill hope changing the age will help change access to the products.

According to Orlando, some 360,000 Floridians fall into the 18-21 age group.

"I think 18 is fine if we do it in a responsible manner and we restrict the access to the visibility and the sale of these products," Orlando said.

Orlando says while they support reasonable regulations and protecting young people, he's concerned a ban could bring about bigger problems. 

"I think that it will cause people to go back to combustible tobacco or create a huge black market," Orlando said.