ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Humberto strengthened to a Category 3 hurricane, but the good news is it’s over open waters.

Luckily it will miss Bermuda to the north, but they will get tropical storm force winds as it passes Wednesday night.

Bermuda can easily handle tropical storm force winds as they have some of the strongest building codes in the world.

Imelda made landfall immediately on the Texas coast today and therefore has already weakened to a Depression.

The main point is that southeastern Texas will get heavy rain the next few days as the remnants slowly drift north.

Another area we are watching: 

Tropical Depression 10 is way out in the central Atlantic, but it will be the one watched most closely as it could get close to the Caribbean islands this weekend.

Beyond that it’s way too early to know exactly where that storm will go. Early guidance suggests it might just turn away from the U.S. but the atmospheric features are not yet present on this side of the globe to get a good handle on how this storm will really move that far down the road. So stay tuned as that’s the one we will be watching closely next week.

Islands of the Northern Caribbean should closely monitor this system. 

It’s impossible to predict if it will ever have an impact on the U.S. as it’s too far away and in the very early stages of development.