TAMPA, Fla. — Are you planning to travel for the holidays? AAA Motor Club says this week you'll find the best deals and the most availability for flights. 

With gas prices around 30 cents cheaper this year compared to last year, expect to find some good deals in the next week or two for Thanksgiving and Christmas travel. 

As you get closer to the holiday, ticket prices get higher and there are less available flights. 

"There is some strategy involved with when to book, but also when to fly because you want to find the day that is going to offer the best price and also you really don't want to be flying when everyone else is flying because then you are going to find long lines," Mark Jenkins with AAA said. 

And if you plan to travel on the roads for the holidays, AAA says the gas market is already starting to stabilize after the attack in Saudia Arabia. This is the time of year gas companies are starting to produce a cheaper grade of fuel for the winter months, which means in the coming weeks we might start to see gas prices drop again. 

AAA expects more than 150 million people to be on the roads and in the air during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.