HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. — School personnel at J.D Floyd Elementary School discovered Monday that several classrooms were broken into over the weekend.

  • 2 students at J.D Floyd Elementary School broke into several classrooms Saturday
  • Students were 8, 9-years-old
  • According to report, students committed numerous acts of vandalism
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“It takes you back a little bit to think you know what’s happening but those are young people who need support as well,” said Karen Jordan with the Hernando County School District.

The investigations revealed that two students at the school entered the campus through the front gate on Saturday afternoon.

The two students, one who is in 4th grade and one who is in 3rd grade, entered four classrooms and committed numerous acts of vandalism. The acts included flipping tables, writing vulgarities on white boards, damaging school computers and technology and damaging teacher's personal equipment and property, according to Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

The students also entered a portable classroom and discharged a fire extinguisher. 

Video surveillance and the unique writing on the white board helped identify the suspects.

According to the sheriff's office, school resource officer Deputy Ben Witherell conducted interviews following the discovery of the damage. Then, with at least one parent and school administrator present, each one of the suspects confessed to the crimes. 

Each of the students were issued school discipline and are pending a review for expulsion. 

“The school did apply the discipline according to our student code of conduct and this particular case will go before the board for consideration for expulsion,” Jordan said. 

But some parents we spoke to did not believe expulsion was necessary.

“Somebody didn’t know where those kids were or somebody didn’t care about the defiant behavior, so there’s a parent that needs to be talked to, not a kid that needs to be expelled from school,” Ashley Bossard explained.

The Hernando County School Board will determine if criminal prosecution will follow, due to the ages of the suspects.