PARRISH, Fla. — A Parrish teen who has been nicknamed "Anchorman" after a freak boat accident where an anchor got lodged into his skull will be cleared by doctors to go diving in a few weeks.

  • Caleb Bennett, 14, was injured by anchor in March accident
  • Neurosurgeon called his recovery "one in a million"
  • His mom says doctors, nurses did phenomenal job
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"They said October 15, I'm pretty much cleared to do everything," said Caleb Bennett, 14. "I've been fishing a lot but I'm really itching to go spear fishing because I haven't done that in a little while."

The accident happened in Tampa Bay near the Manatee River on March 27, as Caleb was fishing with his brother and friends. The boy's parents, Rick, 44 and Kelli Bennett, 42, had just arrived in the Bahamas for an anniversary trip.

Caleb said the anchor fell off the front of the boat, pulled tight and snapped back.

"When it sling shotted back it didn't just hit the water. It came all the way in the boat," said Caleb. "Then happened to hit me in the forehead."

Caleb was airlifted to Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. The Bennetts rushed back to Florida that same day to be by their son's side.

"We weren't sure what was going to happen when they woke him up," said Rick. "If he would be able to talk or move his arms and legs."

Pediatric neurosurgeon Luis Rodriguez said Caleb's recovery was one in a million.

"I've never seen somebody with an injury like that," he said in a clip from the hospital. "Walk out of the hospital almost completely neurologically in tact." 

Caleb's mom said she's very grateful to everyone for Caleb's miraculous recovery.

"The doctors and the nurses and just there overall care was phenomenal," said Kelli. "I'm thrilled with his recovery...  he's made great strides."​