TAMPA, Fla. – A very large alligator was captured at a Tampa park on Sunday, according to the Tampa Police Department.

  • Large gator removed from Rowlett Park in Tampa
  • Gator spotted next to "Warning Alligators" sign
  • Trapper, police officers captured the gator

In a Facebook post, the department said a trapper was called to Rowlett Park to remove the "very angry" gator. The gator was spotted hanging out next to a sign that read, "Warning Alligators."

The trapper safely removed the gator with the help of several police officers.

Tampa police used incident to remind residents to obey the warning signs.

"Folks, we cannot stress enough that warning signs are there for a reason," the Facebook post said. "Take this sign at Rowlett Park for example. It has a slightly humorous cartoon of an alligator on it, but they are no laughing matter."