TAMPA, Fla. — Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, especially during the month of October. Even though the peak of hurricane season occurs in mid-September, most Floridians may call October “their peak of hurricane season” due to the number of direct impacts from tropical systems over the years.

Here are five things you should know about Florida's Hurricane Season in October: 

  1. October is Tampa’s most prone month for a hurricane
  2. Western Caribbean becomes a tropical hot spot for formation
  3. Cold fronts act as a highway for tropical systems, often steering storms toward Florida
  4. 33 hurricanes struck Florida since 1851 during the month of October — 10 were major
  5. Tampa Bay hurricane of 1921 struck in October; it’s the last known major hurricane to directly strike Tampa.

Hurricane season ends November 30. 

Meteorologists Nick Merianos and Josh Linker discuss what this means for Tampa Bay: