Now that it is October, it is time to look back to the past month’s weather. September normally is a month where we begin to transition out of our rainy season. But, it is usually still quite warm.

This September, we got out of the rainy pattern quickly and early as Hurricane Dorian passed by to our east. The circulation around Dorian grabbed dry air over the Continental United States and pushed it into Florida. Then, a couple of weeks later, Hurricane Humberto did the same thing and reinforced the dry air.

But, since it is September, we still have summertime warmth. Since dry air can heat up pretty quickly and we didn’t have many showers or clouds, September 2019 ended up very warm and very dry.

Here is a look at the numbers…


Average Temperature 84.0 (+2.3 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 1.46” (4.84 inches below normal)


Average Temperature 82.7 (+2.5 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 0.85” (6.59 inches below normal)


Average Temperature 84.8 (+3.4 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 1.99” (5.11 inches below normal)


Average Temperature 81.5 (+2.1 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 2.07” (4.49 inches below normal)


Average Temperature 84.6 (+2.7 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 1.76” (5.23 inches below normal)

St Petersburg

Average Temperature 84.3 (+2.0 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 1.09” (6.67 inches below normal)

Winter Haven

Average Temperature 84.3 (+2.8 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 3.82” (2.43 inches below normal)

Heading into October, this is when we can finally cool down historically. Our first good cold front (and likely 2nd and 3rd) will come during this month.  I wrote a blog about this last year.

Our averages for October go from a high of 87 and a low of 72 on the 1st to a high of 81 and a low of 64 on the 31st.

Looking at the pattern over the next week or two, it appears that we may get our first front sometime in the middle to end of next week. Fingers crossed that we can get some pleasantly cooler mornings and evenings on the way.