TAMPA, Fla. — While Congress and Presidential candidates continue to debate gun control practices for the country, Tampa is considering supporting a federal ban on assault style weapons.

On Thursday, Tampa City Council members will hear from the city’s attorneys on the legalities of supporting federal gun control.  

The council’s chairman said it’s a “common sense issue.”

City Councilman Luis Viera posted to his Facebook account last week when he initially brought up supporting an assault weapon ban saying that proposals that were once common sense, like bans on assault weapons, have since become politically controversial and toxic.

While the City of Tampa can’t legally ban assault weapons itself, it can support a federal ban and Viera is hoping Tampa passes a resolution to do just that.

Council will vote on Thursday whether to move forward to drafting a resolution. 

If it passes, they’ll set a date to come back and review the resolution then take a final vote.