Joanna and Michael Kellogg have always been in tune with one another.

“Happy, light on my feet, it makes you feel prettier actually,” said Joanna, when asked how she feels when dancing with her husband.

That’s a big step forward from how she felt this time eight years ago.

“I guess the biggest thing from women going through chemo is they lose their hair. That’s the biggest thing,” said Michael Kellogg, Joanna’s husband.

She went through eight rounds of chemotherapy and six and a half weeks of radiation for stage three breast cancer.

Joanna lost not only her hair, but her spirit. 

“You get into a mental fog and you just feel out of sorts for a long period of time,” said Joanna.

Whenever Joanna felt up to it, Michael did his best to get her out of the house.

That’s when they stumbled upon free dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios for people battling breast cancer.

“Any way that you can get away from the feelings of fear or anxiety, all of that, when you’re on the dance floor, it kind of all melts away,” said Kelle Chancellor, owner of Fred Astair’s Dance Studio in Brandon.

Fast forward eight years, and for Joanna, that song remains the same.

Her hair is back, the treatments are over, and the cancer is gone.

And what remains, she says, will always help her land on her feet.

“It’s just been a positive influence on my life and my spiritual being and mental health and everything,” said Joanna.

The studio will continue to offer free dance lessons to anyone battling breast cancer throughout October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.