TAMPA, Fla. — Tampa Police say that the death of a 1 1/2 year-old girl in a vehicle Monday appears to be a tragic accident. 

Officers and Tampa Fire Rescue responded to the 9400 block of N 19th Street after from the parents of the toddler reportedly found the toddler in their Jeep and called 911.

Police say when they arrived to the scene, they found the girl unconscious and not breathing.

The toddler was taken to a nearby hospital, where she died.

"Sometimes if a toddler is asleep it happens," said Tampa Police Spokesperson Stephen Hegarty. "It’s hard to wrap your brain around but sometimes it happens that somebody just forgets that somebody is in the backseat and we have a tragedy on our hands."

Investigators said the family has several children. 

Police say they’re in the early stages of their investigation and it is unclear if any charges will be filed.