TAMPA, Fla. — While Floridians love the summer time, the rain that comes with it is not always fun to plan activities around. 

Luckily, we are now heading into the dry season, which comes in a flip of a switch.  And that's because of the cold fronts that are starting to move into our area.  Behind those cold fronts is a drier, more stable air mass that cuts off the moisture supply and ends those daily chances of showers and thunderstorms. 

Here are 5 things to know about Tampa's dry season:

  1. Dry season usually starts in early October
  2. November is Tampa's driest month with an average of 1.55 inches of rain
  3. The dry season runs for eight months: October through May
  4. Tampa receives nearly 18.5 inches during the 8 month dry season compared to 28 inches in the 4 month long rainy season
  5. March is Tampa's wettest month during the dry season with an average of 3.03 inches of rain 

And while the dry season is often times the best time of year in Florida, there are some negatives that come with it, especially if the dry season is too dry. Meteorologist Nick Merianos explains why in the video below: