FLORIDA - As the Supreme Court listens to arguments over DACA, we asked: what is the program’s current impact in Florida?

  • DACA has a big impact in Florida
  • Florida has a top-5 population of DACA recipients
  • Florida has friendly laws towards DACA recipients

Florida is in the top 5 of DACA recipient population.

There is an estimated 25,500 recipients, according to the latest government numbers.

If you consider mixed status homes or households with DACA recipients and U.S. born siblings, it would affect 51,600 families.

This translates into millions in the Sunshine State's economy.

The Center for American Progress did a study in 2019 and found Florida DACA recipients contribute an estimated $157 million in federal taxes while injecting $72 million to state and local coffers.

Florida is also a DACA-friendly state when it comes to professional work.

The National Conference of State Legislatures reported Florida allows DACA recipients to receive certain professional licenses.

Florida is also one of only two that allows eligible DACA recipients to receive law licenses, according to the NCSL.