BRADENTON, Fla. — A  family in Manatee County has been hard at work to make people smile this holiday season. 

  • Since 1975, Marty Orban ran Orban Nursery
  • Marty passed away from lung cancer on November 6
  • Portion of this years proceeds will go towards cancer research
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Tucked away in Northwest Bradenton, there are nearly 200,000 poinsettias in a nursery. 

“I love plants,” says Tyler Orban, president of Orban Nursery. 

Since 1975 his dad, Marty Orban, ran the nursery, and eventually became the main poinsettias distributor for Publix Grocery Stores. 

“He loved everything about Christmas,” says Tyler.   

His family says Marty lived his life to the fullest, and received a lot of love from his community in return. 

“He cared about people, and that’s why I think everyone loved him so much,” says Whitney Bradberry, daughter of Marty Orban,  

On Nov. 6, Marty passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. 

But his legacy is far from over. 

Now, the nursery is gearing up for their 29th Annual Open House.

This local celebration is to show people from all over just how beautiful the flowers can be. 

“I hope people can come to the open house and see the legacy continue,” says Bradberry.  

This year, a portion of the proceeds from every poinsettia sold will go to cancer research. 

Now, as Tyler takes the reins of the business, he says his dad's passion for flowers will be passed down for generations to come. 

“I definitely want to do a good job for him,” says Tyler. 

For more information on the poinsettia open house, click here for their Facebook page.