LAKELAND, Fla. — Polk County fire crews are still investigating a fire at a mulch supply business in Lakeland.

  • Weekend fire at Lakeland mulch facility still smoldering
  • Huge plumes of smoke visible Monday
  • No injuries from fire at Southern Softwoods, Inc. facility on Lasso Lane

Huge plumes of smoke filled the sky Monday morning as what's left of the mulch fire continued to smolder.

The fire broke out before 11 p.m. Saturday at the Southern Softwoods, Inc. facility on Lasso Lane. Nine Polk County Fire Rescue units initially responded Saturday night.

No injuries have been reported.

Fire marshals are still looking for a break in the burn so they can get in and try to figure out what started the conflagration.

Fire crews also say it's not the first time they've had to respond to a fire at this facility, and when they have to come to this plant, they are often out there for days, up to a week.

The challenge here, according to firefighters, is the abundance of fuel for the fire to continue burning. Dry mulch is essentially wood shavings, which provide easy fule for the fire to consume.

Winds have been blowing from the north, according to meteorologist Josh Linker, so people in the southwest and southern areas from that fire may smell smoke this morning.


CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story identified Southern Softwoods as a pallet recylcing facility.