RIVERVIEW, Fla. — In an effort to relieve overcrowded classrooms, sixth graders in Hillsborough County will have a new option next year for middle school. 

It's called Academy 2027 and is the first of its kind in the county. 

When Sumner High School opens in the fall of 2020, high schoolers won't be the only ones in attendance. Sixth-graders also will be attending. 

"We’re going to keep all the sixth graders in the main building because we have the 20 classrooms," said Principal Dave Brown. "It’ll be the perfect fit."

The middle schoolers will be part of the new Academy 2027 - the year those incoming sixth-graders will graduate high school. 

"The uniqueness is that those students will be able to take some elective courses," Brown said, adding that middle schoolers will be able to take some courses with the same teachers that instruct high schoolers. 

The Riverview-area, 238,000-square foot school, will open with space for 2,900 students. The new school cost $75 million, funded by impact fees from south Hillsborough County development.

The school was designed to alleviate overcrowding as other middle schools in the are are being built. The 450 incoming sixth-graders will be the only middle schoolers to ever be enrolled here.

"The fact that it’s middle and high school and it’s new," said Journey Lenegar, who will be attending the school next year as a sixth grader. "It’s really nice." 

Although the younger students will share the high school campus, the sixth-graders will be separated from the older students. 

"The curriculum is built around not only being rigorous, but to help with study skills, to help with research skills, hopefully time management," Brown said. "All of those things they are going to need so when they get into high school they are going to successful." 

Brown said the plan will allow for a smooth transition into Sumner High for the students once they reach high school. 

Families who want their incoming sixth-graders to attend the new middle school will have to complete a school choice application online. The application period ends Dec. 31.