REDINGTON BEACH, Fla. — It was a "Silent Night" for a popular holiday light display located along Gulf Boulevard in Redington Beach.

  • Ray LeVasseuer's synchronized light show a neighborhood tradition
  • Someone complained to the city about music that goes with display
  • LeVasseuer hopes to strike compromise
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Ray LeVasseuer has been putting the synchronized light show on in his yard for more than a decade.

He runs it from Thanksgiving until New Year's Day.

"When I start putting the decorations up in October, people start beeping their horns and say 'We can't wait until it comes on! When are you going to light it?' so the reaction in the neighborhood has been wonderful," LeVasseuer said.

However, this year, he said he got a visit from Code Enforcement officers who told him someone was complaining about the music that goes along with the display.

"First they told us we had to make the music not go in the direction of the complainer," LeVasseuer explained. "The second time they came, they said we have to turn it off completely."

He said they told him about an ordinance dealing with the use of speakers.

The law states speakers can't be used to advertise or draw people in, but LeVasseuer said that's not what he's doing.

"If you come, you're perfectly welcome, you'll enjoy it but I don't put it on to draw people here — I do it for my family," he said.

He is hoping to strike a compromise. LeVasseuer plans to replace his current speakers, which put out sound in multiple directions, with ones that only emit sound in one direction.

He then plans to turn the music back on at a low volume.

"Right now, we all need a little Christmas and I hope this works out," he said. "Doing this display makes me happy."