PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — A man charged with second-degree murder in a 2018 drive-by shooting death was found guilty Thursday by a jury.

Steven Marin was accused in the February 14, 2018, slaying of Christian Robinson, 14 years old.

Robinson was in the back seat of a car waiting at the U-turn lane on southbound US-19 near Ridge Crest Drive, according to police reports.

Another car was also waiting to turn. According to Pasco County Sheriff’s Office documents, the driver of the car Robinson was in turned and the second vehicle followed. Shots were fired from the second vehicle, hitting Robinson. The teen died from his injuries on February 17.

Marin, 27, was arrested about a month later and charged with homicide.

The trial started earlier this week.

During the trial, assistant state attorneys brought up testimony and evidence of Marin showing his co-workers a gun that he kept in the center console of his car, shortly before the shooting occurred.

“On February 14 of 2018, this young kid got in the backseat of a car, put on his seatbelt, went for a drive, and never went home," Assistant State Attorney Eva Vergos said. 

After the shooting, he left his Port Richey apartment and stayed in his brother’s apartment in Tampa, despite the fact that his brother was away working in Sarasota and only his brother’s girlfriend was there.

Marin cut his hair short and removed his eyebrow piercing shortly after the shooting and installed hub caps on the car.

According to Marin's attorney, William Pura, the state produced no witness who could clearly identify Marin as the shooter.

Installing the hub caps could’ve been a coincidence, Pura said.  He also questioned why authorities didn’t widen their search for the vehicle involved beyond West Pasco since contact between the vehicles happened on U.S. 19, a major local thoroughfare, and, presumably, the shooter could’ve driven to the area from anywhere.

“The tragedy of the senseless death of a young man demands that someone pay. Do not create a second tragedy," Pura said. "Do not rush to judgment so that someone – anyone – pays.”

Sentencing for Marin is scheduled for January 31.