LARGO, Fla. — To the outsider, music class at Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School may look like organized chaos.  

But to vocal instructor Johnny Bosse, it’s music to his ears - even if it's not pitch perfect.

“I get them singing, get them confident, get them performing,” said Bosse, this week’s Spectrum Bay News 9 A+ Teacher. “It's my philosophy if you can speak you can sing.”

Contrast that with the sweet harmonies and trained voices of two of Bosse’s concert choirs.  

They’ve been selected to go to Disney to record. If Bosse can raise $38,000.

“I had three groups that auditioned and two were selected,” he said. “Right now, we were working on trying to fund raise for it.”

Challenges are nothing new for this East Lake native with multiple music degrees. He's a cancer survivor - opting for a very difficult surgery - instead of chemo. 

“Everyday is a treat for me,” he said. “And music is that medium. It helped me though some real tough times and knowing that some of these kids have hard times too.  

“I get to sing with them every day and it's a real blessing.”

Pinellas schools couldn't be happier to have found Bosse - whose salary is paid for by the Arts and Teacher enhancement referendum voters approved multiple times.

“He's got all the perfect ingredients, says Jeanne Reynolds, Pinellas performing arts director. “Content, great musician, great energy, really cares about teachers-- cares about students. When you put all three together you've got it.”

And the kids?  

They bonded with Bosse the minute they walked into his classroom.

“He’s a great teacher because he listens to us,” One student said. “He has positive energy. His energy brightens up the class room.”

“My only dream,” Bosse said, “Is that through music I would be able to affect people’s lives and I feel like I am doing that every day.