DAVENPORT, Fla. — Amazon is coming under fire from a Bay area sheriff for how it responded to a crime in progress.

  • Deputies: Amazon driver seen taking package from Davenport home
  • Amazon driver Jose Campos of Kissimmee charged with theft
  • Polk Sheriff says Amazon didn't cooperate with IDing driver

A Davenport surveillance camera captured an Amazon delivery man drop off a package, take a picture of it, and then take the package back to his truck. The alleged theft happened on December 19.

Gayle Pagano, the customer whose package was stolen, called the company immediately after seeing the video. 

"I flew down the stairs, called Amazon and said 'I gotta talk to a supervisor,'" said Pagano. "She said, 'A supervisor will be back in touch with you to get a copy of the video footage.'  And I said 'Great, thank you.' I never heard from Amazon."

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said he reached out to the online retailer hoping to track down the driver. Three separate managers demanded a subpoena, he said.

"We go 'What?' Judd said. "We got the date, we got the the time, we got the location, we got a picture from a security camera. Just tell us who he is and where he is." 

The company refused. Investigators later identified the driver as Jose Campos, 27, after another surveillance camera got video of Campos's license plate. Judd said Amazon delayed the investigation.

"We were trying to help them stop a thief that worked for them who was stealing from their customers and they wouldn’t cooperate," said Judd. "If Amazon treated the people the way Amazon treated us, they'd be out of business today."

In a statement, a spokesman for the company said "We work regularly and closely with law enforcement across the country and are working to understand what occurred here, to make it right and to reach out to Polk County Sheriff’s office to apologize."

Investigators said Campos confessed to stealing the package. Campos faces charges of burglary and theft.

Jose Campos of Kissimmee (Polk County Sheriff's Office)
Jose Campos of Kissimmee (Polk County Sheriff's Office)