TAMPA, Fla. — The Ohio State School for the Blind is performing at the Outback Bowl New Year's Day.

  • Ohio State School for Blind to perform at Outback Bowl
  • School has world's only blind marching band
  • Outback Bowl held at Raymond James Stadium on Jan. 1

The world's only blind marching band is made up of 7th through 12th graders from across the state of Ohio. The band will lead the Outback Bowl Parade on New Year's Eve and perform with other high school bands during the halftime show on New Year's Day.

Fourteen-year-old drummer Jana Alo is both visually and hearing impaired, but she's excited to perform on a national stage.

"Some people think that even though we're blind that we're not capable of performing," she said. 

The 9th grader wants to help change that perception.

"I want them to be happy and amazed after our performance," Alo said.  "I want them to think like, 'wow, they really are the only blind band in the world and they can play music and they can do everything just like any other band.'"

Marching assistants guide the musicians while on and off the field.

"They know their steps already, we just sort of help them make sure they stay in line," Sandy Wilson, Jana's assistant, explained.

Wilson has been assisting students ten years. She and Jana started working together this year.

"She's wonderful to work with, we appreciate each other," Wilson said.  "I sign a little bit to her and then we talk. She can hear with the cochlear implants."

These musicians come together and work hard for the performance of a lifetime.

"To me I think that like challenges when you're performing are the same with any band because really the biggest challenge is doing your best and getting everything right," Wilson said.