ORLANDO, Fla. — Puerto Ricans woke up Saturday morning to a new earthquake.

An earthquake occurred off the southern coast of Puerto Rico, southwest of Ponce. The earthquake was originally classified as a magnitude 6.0, but U.S. Geological Service downgraded it to a 5.9.

Since then, there have been several aftershocks, with one registering 5.2 in magnitude.

Power outages are being reported across much of the southern part of the island. Crews are assessing power plants for damage.

This is an area that's been devastated by earthquakes over the past few weeks. A magnitude 5.2 earthquake hit Puerto Rico Friday afternoon in the same general area.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, Puerto Rico has experienced more than 139 earthquakes at a magnitude of 3.0 or greater. 

As of Friday afternoon, USGS said six of the quakes were magnitude 5.0+. 

Hundreds of thousands of people are already without water and power on the island because of the earthquakes, and thousands are staying in shelters or sleeping outside after an earthquake Tuesday destroyed homes, businesses and schools. 

USGS officials say Puerto Rico is tectonically active, so infrequent large earthquakes should be expected.

Before the current spate of earthquakes, within the last 50 years there had been 10 earthquakes with a magnitude of 4.0+. 

The Tsunami Warning Center says there is no tsunami threat expected from the earthquake.

This is a developing story. Check back for the latest developments. 

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.