SEBRING, Fla. — On the one year anniversary of the Sebring bank shooting, a reflection park was dedicated in honor of the victims. The park sits where the SunTrust bank once stood, where five women were shot and killed inside. 

Four of the women, Debra Cook, Marisol Lopez, Jessica Montague, and Ana Pinon-Williams, were coworkers. The fifth victim, Cynthia Watson, was a customer. 

Maria Pinon, one of the younger sisters of Ana, said losing her sister was like losing her mom. 

"And it's just so sad that some one would do such a horrific thing to someone so innocent, five innocent ladies that didn't do nothing to him," said Maria Pinon. 

Maria and her sister Blanca called Ana a fighter and the glue to their family.

"She definitely was a caring person. It’s been hard. You know every day you relive the same day, every day, every day," Maria Pinon said. "I try to be strong for my family, mostly for my mom, because my mom really, really loves her and cries everyday for her." 

They believe the park is serving its purpose. Blanca said she visited it before the ceremony. 

"I sat here and just tried to remember her as she was. Happy and smiling all the time. And we hope that it stays that way, a memorial for them because their lives were taken and we don’t want them to ever be forgotten," said Blanca Pinon. 

After hearing from the community, family members and their employees, SunTrust, now Truist, decided to tear down the bank branch and fund the construction of the park.