BROOKSVILLE, Fla. — We are hearing from a Hernando County deputy who saved a man from a burning car over the weekend. 

  • Deputy Jason Jernigan helped man from burning vehicle
  • Crash happened along U.S. 41 north
  • Driver was later charged with DUI

Deputy Jason Jernigan said it happened around 1 a.m. Saturday along U.S. 41 north of downtown Brooksville. 

He was nearby when he got the call about a wreck. 

He said there was a head-on collision. One car was on fire with a man still inside, and Jernigan rushed to get him out.

"The passenger side was damaged so I ran around to the driver's side, got the door open and started trying to wake him up at first. But after we got the seatbelt off, then I started trying to pull him out," Deputy Jernigan said. 

"I didn't think about it, I just ran up there and opened the door and tried to get him out," he added. 

The rescued driver was later charged with driving under the influence. Everyone in the other car was OK.