TAMPA, Fla. — 2020 began on a very warm and dry note. Temperatures during January ended up way above average. 

There was a stretch during the middle of January where 8 to 10 days had temperatures more than 10 degrees above average. So, the cool weather before and after didn’t do enough to offset that anomaly. January 2020 ended up with temperatures around 4 to 5 degrees above the 30 year averages. It was also a generally dry month.  There was really only one siginificant rain event and it occurred on the 4th. Otherwise, we were mainly dry with a shower here and there.

Here is a look at the numbers…


Average Temperature 65.3 (4.5 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 1.08” (1.15 inches below normal)


Average Temperature 65.1 (4.3 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 0.80” (1.84 inches below normal)


Average Temperature 65.9 (4.5 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 0.97” (1.52 inches below normal)


Average Temperature 61.6 (4.9 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 1.04” (2.18 inches below normal)


Average Temperature 66.2 (4.0 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 1.06” (1.87 inches below normal)

St. Petersburg

Average Temperature 65.5 (3.9 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 0.57” (2.00 inches below normal)

Looking ahead to February — historically, this is when we start to see some warming take place. We have turned the corner from the coldest time of the year. Our average temperatures go from a low of 53 and an high of 71 on the 1st to a low of 56 and a high of 74 on the 29th. February is also typically a dry month with between 2.5 and 3 inches common around the area. But, we are off to a wet start when, as of this writing Saturday morning, already 0.8 inches of rain has fallen. So, perhaps we will end up with above normal rainfall for the month and not just because there is an extra day this year.