LITHIA, Fla. — Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister is spreading the word that anyone reporting a fake school threat will face the consequences. 

  • Sheriff Chad Chronister reminding the public about fake school threats
  • 2 Hillsborough schools placed on lockdown Wednesday
  • Threats were not real, no injuries 

Two schools were placed on lockdown Wednesday when a 911 call claimed someone had guns on the campuses. It turned out to be a hoax. 

Deputies responded to Barrington Middle School in Lithia, placing the school on lockdown along with nearby Stowers Elementary. 

A report of gunshots was false and there was no threat but Chronister said students and parents like were scared and confused about what was happening in the moment. 

Also, Chronister spoke of the resources that were wasted responding to the reports. 

The Sheriff expressed that anyone, including minors, could face charges for making false threats, disrupting school and abusing the 911 system. 

"There's a better way to express themselves than calling in fake 911 calls and school threats," Chronister said. "If they're being bullied, whatever the motive may be, please come forward, talk to your school security guard, your school resource deputy or your school staff."

The sheriff's office also has created a public service announcement reminding students about  what can happen if they report a fake school threat.