LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE, Tx. — More than 300 Americans evacuated off the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan earlier this week are currently still under quarantine, though now that quarantine is at military bases in California and Texas. 

Among them is a Citrus County couple, Phil and Gay Courter of Crystal River, who are adjusting to their new situation, having traded a stateroom aboard the ship for a hotel room at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.


"It's not the lifestyle we're used to," Gay told us via video chat.

One big difference is how they get they're eating. They receive their meals from the base's mess hall in brown bags.

As was the case on the ship, the Courters have been asked to remain in their room, but they do have a little more freedom to move around now.

"We are taking little light walks outside with our masks on, to get fresh air," Gay explained. "We are trying to avoid other people and stay out of trouble."

The U.S. evacuated the couple on a military plane. It was a tense, 12-hour-plus flight that saw others on board test positive for coronavirus.

"We actually are having a little PTSD about it," she said. "We're happy to be home, the experience has been traumatic."

The couple hope to be off the base and headed home by March 3, though they have yet to receive a set date. They will be checked on twice a day for symptoms while on base.

“Our vacation turned into a month of restrictions and quarantine and constant worry that we may still get sick,” Gay said. ​