DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — The famous chocolate brand Cadbury is looking for its newest “bunny” to star its Easter commercial.

Meet Duck. She’s a pig, trying out to be a bunny.

Duck’s owner June Tarallo entered her into the contest to find Cadbury’s next spokesbunny after many of her fans suggested it.

Duck is now one of the top 10 finalists in Cadbury's contest. The winner will star in the Cadbury Bunny Easter commercial.

Tarallo hopes to use this platform to raise awareness about mini pigs. “Micro pigs, mini pigs, tea cup pigs… there is no such thing," Tarallo said. "And that is the problem, a lot of people sell them under the pretenses that they will stay small."

Torello says she rescued Duck when she was just three pounds a year and a half ago — now she weighs 130 and could grow to 300.

For that reason, she says many pigs are abandoned. Tarallo says Duck lives inside the house, and she can't imagine her family without Duck.

"If you can handle a two-year-old for about 20 years of your life, they are a wonderful pet,” Tarallo said.

You can vote online for Duck and the other Cadbury finalists once a day through March 18 on the Cadbury website.