LAKELAND, Fla. — A Lakeland photographer is giving back to her community during the coronavirus outbreak by taking pictures of families on their doorsteps for free, providing a memento while also practicing social distancing.

  • Kim Carpenter calls her project "Love LKLD Corona Project"
  • Families receive digital images from the photo shoots
  • Carpenter asking for donations to Grace City Church's COVID relief fund
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Photographer Kim Carpenter calls it the “Love LKLD Corona Project."

With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to cancellations of photo shoots, Carpenter said she wanted to use her free time to give back.

“People are stuck in their homes right now, and we’re all just looking to add a little bit of positivity to their day,” Carpenter said. 

Specifically, Carpenter said she wanted to give the families a reason to smile again. It certainly worked for Lakeland resident Kayla Chapman. 

“It was nice to get up at a normal hour and actually get dressed, because I’m going to work right now, and I don’t go to school, so we’ve just all been kind of bumming it,” Chapman said. 

Kayla’s mother Ginnie said she’s glad her six kids will have a way to remember this moment in history. 

“I love the idea of that moment, that snapshot in history," Ginne explained. "You see pictures of times our country went through, like World War II and Vietnam and the Great Depression, and there's amazing pictures of families and how they handled it, and I thought this would be a great way to participate in something that we have in our time."

Carpenter said she’s done 10 photo shoots like this so far. She hopes to do more next week. 

Each family receives digital pictures. Kim is offering these photo shoots in South Lakeland for free of charge. She asks that participants donate to Grace City Church’s COVID relief fund. 

To participate, visit Carpenter's professional website at