TAMPA, Fla. - SynDaver Labs out of Tampa is social distancing the science lab.

Students can learn how to dissect the SynFrog. The synthetic frog mimics live tissue.

Starting Tuesday, March 21, students nationwide can participate in free, weekly FaceTime lessons.

"Performing the incision, pulling back the different layers of the anatomy, pinning it, identifying the different organs,” said Christopher Sakezles, CEO of SynDaver.

The biology lab lessons will take place every Tuesday. Each lesson will last about an hour.

"Not knowing how long the schools are going to be closed, I think parents want to keep their kids engaged in general in education, and SynFrog has been shown to facilitate engagement in the classroom setting. And I think it will be helpful out of the classroom setting, too,” said Sakezles.

SynDaver planned to offer online courses but Coronavirus concerns shutting down schools sped up that process.

"We always figured it would be popular for homeschooled students but we certainly didn't expect everybody in the country to become home schooled, that was a surprise,” said Sakezles.

SynDaver knows parents don’t need more surprises. Courses are led by an instructor who will also facilitate a live chat.

There are already plans to add other classes.